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Press Releases


SGI and 3ui first to demonstrate Multi-Platform WAP PUSH Technology
Demonstration given in conjunction with the official launch of SGI's Origin 3000 series and 3ui Ophelia PushLink

Guangzhou, 5 December 2000 - SGI and its wireless technology partner, 3ui, today announced a successful demonstration of the first push technology to be implemented over SGI Irix, the de facto supercomputing platform at the official launch of SGI Origin 3000 servers and 3ui Ophelia PushLink in China.

This successful demonstration of the WAP PUSH technology ushers in an era of unprecedented, unique wireless access solutions by enabling server-side initiated data transfers.

With SGI's high performance computing power and 3ui's next generation mobile computing background, the capabilities of WAP push technology will be brought to new heights. Not only will it allow subscribers to receive information and data without requiring them to set up a WAP connection, the 3ui-SGI partnership will also create a whole new experience for network operators and high-demand users. The operators are now better equipped to provide highly innovative applications, services and products simply by exploiting the advantages of PUSH technology.

This milestone is yet another compelling testimonial of the close working relationship between SGI and 3ui, which has produced a number of leading edge mobile computing solutions with exceptional performance over the wireless medium. SGI and 3ui have illustrated the power of integrating SGI's unparalleled supercomputing performance with 3ui's inherent technological strengths, robust solutions and scalability in mobile computing.

SGI's Origin 3000 series Building on the same modular architecture of award winning SGI 2000 series servers and using the latest expression of the revolutionary NUMA (non-uniform memory access) architecture Origin 3000 series now provide the flexibility to scale CPU and memory, storage and I/O components independently within the system.

As today's preferred architecture for high performance, multi-processor systems, NUMA facilitates access to remote system resources with unmatched efficiency. Unlike bus-based SMPs, the NUMA architecture allows systems to increase shared memory to meet the growing CPU-to-memory bandwidth demands of additional processors. As a result, memory bandwidth grows proportionately as CPUs are added, making SGI NUMA systems inherently more scalable.

Mr Jeff Lam, General Manager of SGI South China/Hong Kong, said, "The next generation SGI Origin 3000 series allows you to deploy, upgrade, expand and redeploy every system component in every possible dimension. As a result, you can address business changes with unlimited flexibility and astounding agility, making computing infrastructure future-proof for years to come."

3ui's Ophelia PushLink - Redefining Information Flow onto a Mobile Device Ophelia PushLink is suited to manage the growing needs of business organizations as they evolve rapidly in this dynamic wireless world. This scalability and robustness is possible as Ophelia PushLink is based upon the unique Component Modular Architecture (CMA) design of the parent MobileLink suite. This ensures that it is, together with the rest of the Ophelia range of products, suitable for business organizations of all levels and with multi-operational requirements. The high level of robustness also enables the organizations to keep maintenance and other IT-support costs to a minimum, without compromising on stability, end-user experience and the overall security level of the mobile data network.

Ophelia PushLink's multi-platform push server technology will enable businesses to deliver real-time and critical information onto mobile devices. This will facilitate rapid deployment of mobile services, maximize resource allocation, and increase revenue and productivity.

Another key feature of this latest offering of the Ophelia PushLink to 3ui's suite of next generation mobile computing solutions is its ability to allow the access of real-time data and personalized information and conduct of time-sensitive, secure transactions over the wireless medium asynchronously.

Mr Alex Chan, Director of 3ui added, "The functionalities offered by Ophelia PushLink enhances 3ui's growing range of next generation mobile computing solutions. With the always-on-connection mode being made available in the upcoming GPRS environment and the launch of 3ui Ophelia PushLink, 3ui is well-positioned to help businesses deliver information in the most innovative, competitive and secure way possible."

SGI provides a broad range of high-performance computing and advanced graphics solutions that enable customers to understand and conquer their toughest computing problems. Headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA, with offices worldwide, the company is located on the Web at www.sgi.com. The PRC operations are headquartered at Beijing, with branch offices located at Guangzhou and Shanghai.

3ui is a spin off from the Center For Wireless Communication, one of the premier research laboratories in Singapore, specializing in wireless technologies. 3ui provides next generation mobile computing infrastructure and solutions, with specific focus on the secure delivery of information and the conduct of secure transactions. Its current product offerings include secure WAP gateway solutions, SMS gateways and applications, content management and billing systems for GPRS and other networks. A unique Asian wireless infrastructure player, 3ui has excellent understanding of emerging market trends and upcoming standards, thus offering future proof solutions and comprehensive wireless strategy to all its customers.


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