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Biometric Technology that Requires Only a PC Webcam and Microphone

Singapore, 21 June 2001, CommunicAsia 2001 - Biodata Information Technology, global leader in network and communications technology, introduces a new authentication software that is powerful enough to even differentiate twins. Called BioID, this latest addition integrates with Biodata's complete suite of security and network solutions.

BioID uses biometric features like voice, facial characteristics and lip movement to make sure that only authorised people can access security sensitive areas. The only input devices required are a video camera and microphone.

Said Mr KK Chan, Country Manager, Singapore, "Market observers expect the global volume of biometric technologies to surpass US$ 2.3 billion by 2005. Biodata is working hand in hand with BioID Asia Pacific Inc. to implement the technology in areas such as computer workstations, building security, ATMs, mobile telephony, and as an integrated component of Biodata's security products."

"The ever-changing world of e-business is the driving force behind the needs for better security. The need to strengthen information security at the individual and enterprise level is now considered a critical and urgent matter," says Mr. Ho Chang, CEO at BioID Asia-Pacific, Inc.

Biometric recognition via software is more cost-effective than hardware-based authentication systems that analyse both fingerprint and blood temperature to be secure. Recognition time using BioID is less than two seconds. It can be incorporated into many environments to strengthen security, from control of door entry access, bank accounts access, security of e-mail messages and office network.

For administrators, BioID makes their job easier as it reduces the time and costs spent in replacing lost keys, passwords and access tokens.

Conventional authentication methods such as passwords, PINs, magnetic cards and keys provide limited security. They are susceptible to loss, thefts and misuse by unauthorised people, resulting in privacy invasion and financial loss.

A 1999 US study by Computer Security Institute (CSI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed that the total amount lost due to computer crimes by 163 companies was over US$120 million.


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