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Press Releases


Biodata Founding Member of OpenPGP Alliance
Independent Software Alliance to Advance PKI Based Software.

Singapore, June 29, 2001. - Biodata Information Technology has joined the independent OpenPGP Alliance as a founding member. The OpenPGP Alliance (www.openpgp.org) is a new organization dedicated to strengthening the OpenPGP standard in the worldwide IT security market. Biodata and ten additional companies establish a forum to promote compatibility among encrypted email systems.

Biodata and all members of the OpenPGP Alliance feature applications using the OpenPGP standard as encryption platform. The OpenPGP standard has become the most popular email encryption system worldwide and is based on PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). As the first international lobby formed in June 2001, the software alliance supports and propagates this cryptographic standard.

"Standards have evolved throughout the industry and guarantee the compatibility of products from different companies", says Leonard Oh, Senior Vice President of Biodata Information Technology. "The OpenPGP Alliance is an official forum verifying and promoting the compatibility of OpenPGP applications. This is essential for the future of the standard." Furthermore, the alliance members will extend the use of the cryptographic standard to other applications besides email encryption.

Encryption Without Licensing Fees
OpenPGP, a licence-free encryption standard for electronic data, is based on the public-key method, which uses two keys - one is a public key that you disseminate to anyone from whom you want to receive a message. The other is a private key that you use to decrypt messages. It was designed by Phil Zimmermann who is also founder of the OpenPGP Alliance. Four years ago, OpenPGP was recognized as an IETF standard (RFC 2440) after submission to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the Internet's protocol engineering and development arm. Hence, "Open" as in "OpenPGP" does not refer to Open Source, but Open Standards.

Biometric recognition via software is more cost-effective than hardware-based authentication systems that analyse both fingerprint and blood temperature to be secure. Recognition time using BioID is less than two seconds. It can be incorporated into many environments to strengthen security, from control of door entry access, bank accounts access, security of e-mail messages and office network.

Membership in the alliance is open to any company, organization, or individual interested in developing products or offering services based on the OpenPGP standard. OpenPGP is part of the email software Biodata SecureDesk, the only email application combining both OpenPGP and S/MIME encryption. A free version of Biodata SecureDesk Outlook is available for download under http://as.biodata.com/as/.

Members of OpenPGP Alliance:
- Biodata (http://www.biodata.com)
- GNU Privacy Guard (http://www.gnupg.org)
- Hush Communications (http://www.hush.com)
- Laissez Faire City (http://www.lfcity.com)
- LokTek (http://www.loktechnology.com)
- Qualcomm (http://www.qualcomm.com)
- SSH (http://www.ssh.com)
- Tovaris (http://www.tovaris.com)
- Veridis (http://www.veridis.com)
- ZendIt (http://www.zendit.com)
- Zero-Knowledge (http://www.zeroknowledge.com)


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