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Press Releases


Broadband Encryption Against Industrial Espionage

Singapore, September 13, 2001. - Biodata Information Technology, the fastest growing IT security company worldwide, today launched Biodata BroadCipher ATM, a hardware-based, universal encryption platform for high-speed encryption. Biodata BroadCipher ATM is designed to cost-effectively protect private and public ATM network communication against data theft and industrial espionage.

Companies have increasingly tightened their worldwide information networks by integrating database and other IT applications. High-speed connections satisfy the growing "appetite for digital information". When connected with other technologies, ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) lines offer full integration of data traffic from various sources on a single backbone platform. Traditionally, the highest demand for ATM services has been among government offices, banks, and financial institutions. Now, health care, media and industry customers are also increasingly requesting broadband technology.

With the appropriate technical appliances, ATM networks can be wiretapped to secretly spy on somebody's confidential data. By flooding the network with defective requests, hackers are even able to initiate "denial of service" attacks on ATM networks.

How Biodata BroadCipher ATM ensures confidentiality
Biodata BroadCipher ATM ensures the confidentiality of communication via global ATM information superhighways. Next to 192 bit TripleDES and 64 bit DES encryption in CBC, ECB and Counter Mode, the hardware's encryption engine supports user-configurable algorithms. Biodata BroadCipher ATM allows flexible administration of security configurations by the security administrator. Every encryption device supports 16.384 different channels. For a complete encryption, Biodata BroadCipher ATM needs less time than 2.5 µs.

Biodata BroadCipher ATM is based on the security specification of the ATM forum. The specification with the number AF-SEC-100 represents a broad security concept for ATM networks. Biodata BroadCipher ATM implements an integrated ATM firewall which protects against Denial-of-Service-Attacks. The device supports any line speed from E3 (34 Mbit/s) to OC-12 (622 Mbit/s). For the encryption of T1-(1.5 Mbit/s) or E1-lines, Biodata Information Technology will offer a lower-cost version in 2002. By that, the product also provides an efficient encryption of those satellite stations installed with 2 Mbit.

Biodata BroadCipher is a universal encryption platform for high speed networks. Therefore, the device is not determined to a definite network technology but flexibly upgradeable. MPLS and Gigabit-Ethernet are the next protocols supported by the device. Moreover, the available capacity reserves provide space for hitherto unknown communication techniques.

"In connection with the current discussion around the international surveillance system Echelon, the EU-Commission "Head Office of Corporations and Information Association" recently recommended the use of encryption solutions to provide secure email traffic. Due to the EU parliament´s report, the foreign intelligence services of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain take part in the espionage system "Echelon", which intercepts and analyzes communication data from ten bases worldwide. EU parliament confirmed the existence of the espionage system and requested for the formation of an investigation committee.


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