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Press Releases


VPN that offers more than just privacy
A safe and cost-effective approach for all businesses

Singapore, September 24, 2001. - Biodata Information Technology, a global leader in network and communication security, announces the launch of Biodata VPN - a new encryption, authentication and security platform that will be a boon to businesses eager to keep out industrial espionage. Biodata VPN provides corporations with a secure conduit to the Internet and cost-effectively connecting remote offices to a central computer network.

Based on the internationally acclaimed triple-DES standard, Biodata VPN comes embedded with the new AES encryption algorithm, and is fully compatible with IPSEC technology. It also features low maintenance costs, update support, fast and efficient deployment, and a consistent user interface.

The nature in which today's enterprises conduct business often involves an exchange of data over insecure networked computer systems. Without security, this exchange of information over the Internet puts companies in a vulnerable and volatile position.

With Biodata VPN, companies are able to send out encrypted data via Internet Protocols(IP) and can only be deciphered by a secret key. Biodata VPN also monitors the ongoing activities when a communications session takes place, and it automatically creates a unique key by means of the Internet Key Exchange protocol (IKE).

Companies apprehensive about their investment will see this as an inexpensive solution. Compared to dedicated leased lines services, VPN can save companies up to 80% in telecommunications costs (according to DataMonitor).

There is no optimum size required of an organization to enjoy the security of Biodata VPN, even those with a strength of less than five hundred personnel are able to leverage on the benefits.

The Biodata VPN could also be upgraded and transfigured into a highly secure firewall when combined with Biodata Bigfire (packet filtering) and Biodata Gateway; both of which are currently available in the market.


VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) - A company's security gateway to the internet connecting remote offices and work stations as well as mobile employees without taking security risks.

IPSEC - A set of protocols to support the secure exchange of packets at the IP layer.


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