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Mobile Phone-Based Parking Payment System
Systems@Work ventures into mobile commerce with 'Park 'N Pay'


Singapore, 21 June 2001 - Innovative payment facilitator Systems@Work Pte Ltd unveils at CommunicAsia 2001, the 'Park 'N Pay' system that provides motorists with a convenient and cashless way to pay for parking fees using their mobile phones. This patent-pending system uses TeleMoney, Systems@Work's flagship wireless secure payment infrastructure, to innovatively turn a mobile phone into a payment device for parking fees. With 'Park 'N Pay', motorists no longer have to be saddled with the present inconveniences of purchasing parking coupons or having to rush back to their vehicles to put more coupons when the previous ones expire.

Said Mr. Ng Fook Sun, Chief Executive Officer of Systems@Work, " 'Park 'N Pay' applies the best of wireless and server based technologies to an existing application in a simple and innovative manner, such that consumers are able to enjoy maximum convenience and peace of mind when paying for their vehicle parking. The launch of this service demonstrates Systems@Work's ability to provide Internet and wireless e-payments."

This is how the 'Park 'N Pay' service works. A motorist registers online or offline to become a user of the service. Registration and usage of this service is free. Upon submitting the required information, the user will receive a call on the user's mobile phone from the service provider instantaneously, after which he or she keys in a personalized PIN into his or her mobile phone to confirm registration.

After the one-time registration, the user is then able to use the service to buy parking time of a parking lot. Upon parking, the user activates the purchase by using his or her mobile phone to reach the 'Park 'N Pay' service through the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or the Short Message Service (SMS). The user simply needs to input the 'Park 'N Pay' Zone Code which is displayed at the car parks, the expiry time and his or her personal TeleMoney PIN. The system will repeat the information to the user and if there is no error, the user then confirms the payment. The transaction will be approved in real-time.

When the parking warden comes around and sees a vehicle with a 'Park 'N Pay' label, he or she simply uses a GSM enabled handheld PC like the HP Jornada to check the validity of the vehicle's parking duration.

Commenting on this innovative initiative, Mr Kelvin Tan, Director of Mobile e-Services Bazaar, Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific, said, "We're excited to be working with Systems@Work, one of our key Bazaar members, to bring this innovative mobile service to end-users and help provide a more efficient system for them. This is another proof-point of HP delivering an end-to-end solution, where the application is working on HP servers, running on a GSM network and connecting the HP Jornadas to an always-on Internet infrastructure for information retrieval and mobile transactions."

Users of 'Park 'N Pay' can choose from a wide range of payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, charges to phone bills and direct debit. The settlement will be handled by the 'Park 'N Pay' clearing bank.

The 'Park and Pay' service offers many benefits to its users, including:
- Removing the need for users to purchase parking coupons.
- Enabling users to extend parking duration from a remote location.
- Notifying users when their prepaid balance is low

The service also offers significant benefits to operators of kerb side parking such as town councils and municipals. In Singapore this would be the Housing Development Board (HDB) and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).
- It helps to save significant coupon printing and distribution costs.
- It works alongside existing coupon-based system.
- It can be easily deployed without any infrastructure changes at parking lots.
- Real-time access of parking lot information improves accuracy and efficiency of the parking attendant.
- It is easily deployed without massive new infrastructure set up
- Its ease of use eliminates tendencies for illegal parking

Systems@Work is positioned to implement 'Park and Pay' as a turnkey system for parking operators. This could involve the users paying in advance with a variety of payment methods into a repaid account system specifically managed for the parking operator. The user then draws down from this account each time he or she uses the mobile phone to pay for the parking fee. The solution can be customised to the needs of car park operators. There is a readily available extensive set of features that 'Park 'N Pay' can provide to parking operators in order to jump-start the deployment of this service to motorists. For more information about the 'Park and Pay' service, email to ParkNPay@Telemoneyworld.com.


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