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E Commerce: Women in IT PR
The best spin doctors of the IT world now include a list of women.

Bias has tumbled in the PR world where traditionally MNC's and tech companies, believed the bits and bytes of the eworld were technically a male domain.

"Women nowadays are more educated and they've been exposed to more difficult challenges compared to women many years back. With greater experience and greater exposure, they're more well versed also in the technology area to equip themselves with the right skills to be PR communicators."

Nancy Lim , Co-
Founder & President,
The Right Spin

While technical experts form the core of any IT business, few companies could succeed without communicating with their customers and the general public.

For help, they often turn to a public relations agency and many of these agencies are run and staffed by women

"I think ladies generally make good professions for PR especially in the IT field. I think generally it is perceived that ladies are at a disadvantage because of our lack of knowledge in technology. We don't think in terms of technicality for example but how it is relevant for the men on the street or for the businesses, so we tend to discuss with our clients and find out about all these things and help them to transmit or package these messages such that it will be well received or understood by the public or other businesses instead of communicate all the technical jargons and things that are difficult to understand from a public perspective."

Stacy Ang, Co-
Founder & CEO,
The Right Spin

In addition to having good communication skills, IT PR professionals must be quick learners who can keep up with the rapid pace of developing technology. They also need to be able to develop and implement communication strategies almost on the spot.

Regional PR agencies that specialize in IT face tough competition from international firms that are storming into local markets to grab their piece of the pie.

Some manage to stay competitive locally while others are branching out, extending their services beyond national borders.

Despite all the challenges, women who work well with the media and who stay current with technological advances are likely to remain in demand.

Said Nancy: "I think there is a great demand out there for PR in the IT arena. What is important is that you must have a very good contact with the media and also keep up to date about what is happening in the industry. You don't really have to have in-depth knowledge of all the technicalities. What you need to know is the development that's going on and have good contact."


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