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   Press Releases Cont'd


WIREDWOMAN - First In Line
As a PR strategist in the tech field, Stacy Ang gets to try out the latest gadgets and newest technologies.

STACY ANG, 32, is the co-founder and director of The Right Spin, innovative high tech PR strategists. She has almost 10 years of experience in technology PR, and was previously head of the Marketing Communications Group at the National Science and Technology Board. She spent half a year in Silicon Valley forging links with top-tier high tech and business media and has participated in big scale international PR projects such as Singapore TechVenture 2000 in San Francisco and the Bio Conference in Houston.

"My first gadget was a mobile phone. I think it was quite a novelty at that time, in 1994. My husband works in a smart card company and he leads the R&D there. I guess I was influenced by him but nowadays, its more like I buy something, and then pass it on to him when I get sick of it!

Because we have clients who are at the forefront of technology, we know what the latest products are. We also use our Client's technology, and give them feedback on how they can improve it.

We are involved with a number of trials as well. The IDA is encouraging local companies to try out new technology. One of the consortiums under IDA support is called ITrove. Their job is to try out new technologies that will help out tourism industry. Recently, at the Esplanade, we helped them to launch mobile ticketing. That means you can use your handphone to purchase tickets. I definitely see the mobile phone as the gadget of the future.

I use my handphone, PDA and laptop most frequently. My laptop is very small and it's one of the lightest in the market. I bought it especially for its size, because I am on the move all the time. I have also been buying accessories for my gadgets. Have you heard of the speed ball? It's half a sphere that you attach to the bottom of your laptop. That way, you can move your laptop about on your desk. It's main function is to elevate the laptop and improve air circulation, reducing the change of overheating. That's important because computers can last longer if the heating problem is taken care of.

I bought this mobile phone because it is tri-band and has a loudspeaker function. It is quite troublesome when you are driving and have to put on a handset. With this, you can just press a button and talk.

I started using the PDA about four or five years ago when Palm first came into the market. It's mostly for addresses and the calendar but a few games here and there is quite nice to cure boredom!

I am also looking at getting the Tungsten, the T3, because you can slide open the screen so it actually gives you a bigger one. It can also give landscape pictures, on top of portrait ones. And it is Bluetooth-enabled, which means you can go online immediately instead of having to dial up.

My USB drives are very convenient for transferring big files. They're actually like an extension of the hard drive. So if you have a huge Powerpoint presentation or have very huge pictures to transfer to a client, you can just plug it in. There's no real installation required. Sometimes the client can't give us presentation slides until the morning of the press conference. But the reporters are in a hurry to write up their articles. So the client will use this to transfer the data to us, and we will quickly send it to the reporters. It would otherwise take ages to email.

I also use the digital camera a lot. My agency has shifted about three or four times and each time we shift, it is another opportunity to take pictures. It also helps when we are recce-ing for venues for events. When it comes to planning, we can then think about where to place what, and how to design the whole place.

Actually I am looking at getting a new digital camera. There is one by Philips that is quite nice. It's about the size of a mobile phone and white with orange trimmings. I recently got an MP3 player. I got this iRiver one because it has an FM radio and can record up to 90 minutes, which is useful because we sometimes interview our clients to learn more about their products.

One thing I can't live without? Oh, that'd definitely be my laptop and my phone and my PDA! These are all basic items nowadays!"


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